Multipurpose Silicone Lid - Reusable & Microwave Safe (Pack of 6)

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Keep your Food FRESH and HEALTHY !!

Is There Any Leftover Food? Don't Throw It Away! Simply Cover It!

Fabulously useful in any kitchen, these Multipurpose Silicone Lids from us create an airtight seal when placed over a container, preventing air from entering the interior, and keeping food, fruits, and vegetables fresh, they are free, FDA-approved, 100% food-grade silicone lids.


  • Food will taste as good as fresh: an airtight seal keeps food fresh longer and prevents spills.
  • Independently lab tested for safety: 100% phthalate, lead, plastic, and BPA free.
  • Are you still struggling with compatibility? We found the lid to match! One stretchy silicone lid is compatible with many different container sizes and shapes
  • This product is a money saver and ECO-friendly: Forget cling wrap, baggies, or lid-hunting; use stretch seal lids for containers, cups, and even directly over food items
  • Their longevity will amaze: extra thick silicone is durable and will not tear or warp; can be used over and over again and is dishwasher and freezer-safe
  • Clear lids! A window to the fresh food in your fridge: why hide fresh with a colored lid? Exclusive: you will love the large bonus party bowl lid!

Food Grade Material

100% Safe FDA Approved, BPA Free Lead-Free, Non-Toxic Food Grade Silicone Rubber. Do Not Worry While Handling Fruits, Vegetables Or Cooked Food. Our Gloves Are Heat Resistant Up To 200 Degrees Celsius So Can Be Used To Cover Foods For the Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher & Refrigerator.

Elastic Flexibility Can Stretch

These silicone lids have super flexibility and elasticity, 6 different sizes (2.7in, 3.7in, 4.4in, 5.4in, 6.4in, 7.9in, elasticity can double stretch.

High-Temperature Resistance 

Silicone lids can accept high-temperature disinfection, and heat resistance from -40 ° C ~ +230 ° C. Suitable for refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and picnics.

Reusable and Easy to Clean

They can be washed and are easy to clean. Just rinse them with warm soapy water or throw them into the dishwasher. If using in a microwave, partially open the lid so that steam can escape.

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