Double Sided Multipurpose Microfiber Absorbent Towel (800GSM)

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Introducing the #1 recommended cleaning cloth of 2022 - It works like magic to pick up dirt and leave sparkling clean!

 It's unlike any cloth you've tried before. 

✅ Perfect, Streak-Free Wiping

✅ Super Absorbent

✅ Great For ANY Surface

✅ Durable and Reliable

Home & Garden Bathroom Accessories 3Pcs 30*30cm Microfiber Cleaning Cloth  Soft Towel Fast Drying Reusable Gif COP

✅ Chemical Free

✓ Machine washable and easy to clean it

✓ Washes, dries, and even cleans dust also

✓ Double-sided for cleaning and polishing

✓ Fast-drying, super-absorbent microfiber towel

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