LED Light 3D Painting Wall Art Frame

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Lighting Painting Decoration

Our LED decorative paintings are full of artistic creativity, suitable for decoration at home, as a night light, but also perfect as a birthday gift, Father's Day gift, Mother's Day gift, Thanksgiving Christmas gift for friends or family.

Led Glowing Photo Frame

LED  painting

LED light-emitting photo frame picture

Made of high quality wood and acrylic

The light and shadow painting is made of wooden frame, which can match with most wall colors, and acrylic translucent panel, which can clearly show the effect of art painting.

Upgrade touch switch

Three colors can be changed by touching the switch, and the brightness of the light can be adjusted by long pressing the on/off button. Equipped with USB charging cable and desktop stand, can be desktop ornaments can also be a night light to accompany the night to sleep.

Artistic ornamentation

Lighting painting decoration can be placed on the desk of living rooms and bedrooms or on bedside tables or shelves, adding a unique artistic touch to the home no matter how they are placed.

Create a haven of coziness and relaxation in your home

Allow yourself or a loved one to be immersed into an enchanting scene and transform your room into a tranquil heaven.

Captivating Glow

Bring your walls to life with captivating illumination. Each art piece is meticulously hand crafted and designed to harness the power of light, creating a mesmerizing visual experience that enhances the ambiance of any space. Watch as the enchanting colors and intricate details glow and shimmer, captivating the attention of all who behold it.

Create a cozy atmosphere with a touch of a button.

✨ Easily change colors and create the perfect ambiance with our Glow Frame.

DISC: Your design is subjected to availability. If the selected design is not available we will send you a random Painting from the designs available in stock.

lighting painting decoration
lighting painting
lighting painting
Led Glowing Photo Frame

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