Reusable Cleaning Gel For Cars

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Car Interior Dust Cleaning Gel

Easy and Fast Cleaning
Slime Gels are known to pick dust and dirt from the interior of your car
Collects additional debris from small gaps, spaces, and cracks for in-depth cleaning
Use for your Car interior, Air Vents, Steering Wheel, Console, Dashboard, Armrest, Door Lock Handles, Cup Holders

Best for Dashboard and AC Vent
Just Press to Remove Dust
Ensures that the delicate interior parts of your vehicle are cleaned efficiently and thoroughly
Maintains hygiene inside your vehicle at your fingertips
Portability and wide application makes it very convenient to use
  • Does Not Leave Residue
  • Highly Durable
  • Skin-friendly

Reaches & Clean Dead Corners
Easy to Use
Flexible gel property: Clean narrow and hard-to-reach areas by deforming and stretching to fit the shape of devices
Practical & Convenient: Keeps your place and objects clean and tidy, makes you feel fresh
Instruction: How to Use
  1. Dry your hands before use
  2. Take the clean gel out, pinch it to the desired shape
  3. Lay the gel on the surface to be cleaned, press it down 2 or 3 times, and lift it up - dust, dirt, hairs (and more) are picked up
  4. Fold the gel in half and start fresh with a clean side
  5. After use, put the gel back in the bag and wash your hands
  6. Store in bag and seal to Re-use
Storage Condition:
  • Do NOT use this cleaning gel with wet hands
  • It’s not edible; please keep it away from children

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