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🚀 Say hello to India's only super comfy seat cushion! 🚀

🌟 Experience luxurious & Comfortable sitting, loved by 20k+ people!

😃 No more lower back pain, tailbone pain, or numbness

❄️ Stay cool with our special gel memory foam

🎯 Way better (8x) than sitting on a regular chair

🧘 Great for all types of chairs/floors

⌛Longer Lasting All Day Comfort: Sitting for 8 or more hours can leave you squirming in your seat for a comfortable position. Our seat cushions for office chairs effectively relieve pressure points so you can focus on your bottom line, not your bottom.

☁️Pure Memory Foam, Pure Bliss: Each of our memory foam seat cushions is made with 650 grams of core weight foam, a 30 percent higher amount of premium memory foam than other brands so you sit comfortably throughout your work day.

💊Effective for Lower Body Pain: Ergonomic seat cushion cradles your bottom to help relieve back, hip, and sciatic nerve pain from prolonged sitting. Meanwhile, it aligns the spine to reduce lower back pain from poor sitting posture

✅Perfect on Any Seating Surface: Use on Office Chair, Gaming Chair, Computer Desk Chair, Home Offices, Kitchen Dining Chairs, and Hard Steel Chairs. Just add our butt pillow to your office work accessories.

🧘‍♂️Perfect Butt Cushion for Early Prevention: Sitting Pressure accumulates every second, leading to sitting pain no matter what age you are. Just use our sitting pillow-corrector cushion to prevent this. Also for bed sores sitter, pelvic sacrum problems.

🚫No Annoying Sliding & Stay Up to Cool: With 15,000 non-slip bottom grip dots and a breathable cover, our gel seating cushion stays in place and stands up to cool to use every day. Best office supplies, work essentials.

Sit Cool and Dry: Our chair cushions feature a breathable mesh cover that prevents perspiration to keep you cool and dry even when you’re at it for hours.

Superior Top to Bottom: The ergonomic cushion's nonskid bottom won’t shift out of place so your position and posture stay the same from a.m. login to 5 o’clock sign off.

Hygiene Is Important, Too: To keep your tailbone cushion fresh and hygienic, simply remove the plush cover, toss it into the washing machine, and tumble dry

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