StarLight™ Mini USB Projector

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Carry A Starry Night In Your Pocket Anywhere You Go! ✨

Transform Your Space

Whether you want to transform your car roof into a beautiful starry sky or you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your room this small but powerful USB Star Light Projection LED has you covered! 

Match The Mood

Car, home, party, or camping, this smart powerful gadget will transform your space's atmosphere into a dreamy cool one. With multiple colors and patterns to perfectly match the mood.

360 ° Rotation & USB Interface

Just plug it into any USB port and transform your car roof or room ceiling into a beautiful starry sky. It's ultra-portable and compact so you can take it everywhere you go easily! 



Material: Alloy

Power: 1 W

Current: 1 A

Light color: Red Or Blue, Purple

Voltage: 5 V

Service life: 50,000 hours

Size: 21.2*1.4/8.35*0.55"

Weight: 30.0g/1.6oz

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